Selected¬†published work…

Go Sip Some Ale.
Rooster Magazine, Spring 2016
Some people make a honest living. Some do not. This story is about the latter kind of people.


Walls of the Cubicle.
Rooster Magazine, Spring 2016
When the job sucks and the life sucks and it’s all going nowhere, what do you do? Step, step.


How Campfires Taught Me Everything About Life.
Thundercling, Winter 2015
An essay on finding the good stuff, by going outside, because the city kills souls and sometimes you need to get the hell out.


great sand dunes
Feet On The Ground.
Territory Run Co, Spring 2015
Going by foot, you see a lot more than through a car window or a plane seat. Oh, and feel that ground beneath your feet. Mmm, it feels so good.


Boulder Flatirons
The New Employee.
Featured in Flatirons Literary Review, Fall 2014
A short fiction about getting a new job and what people think about the new guy, not what they say about it, just what they think about it. It’s fucking bananas.


Expedition Underground
Expedition Underground.
Editor, Spring 2012 – Winter 2014
The now-defunct online adventure magazine, where people shared their stories of travel, art, exploration through words, pictures, and film. It was a place to share, be heard, and be found.


Local Food
Local Gets Fresh.
Featured in Twine Magazine, Spring 2013
A long-form look into the culture of local food in the Rocky Mountains, featuring the voices of a variety of farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, and chickens.


Puerto Varas Chile
Lederhosen in Patagonia.
Featured on Inspirato, Winter 2013
Deep in Chile, close to Patagonia, and waiting for a boat to arrive to go deeper, that’s what this story is all about. For the tourists of Inspirato.


I can be found at…

martin@martinbrodsky.com | 314.691.1221



381500_10100541490959673_1013634709_nI look around. I see people moving about the world and they’re going to places. Usually in a damn hurry.

Where? they hardly know. I know this, because I hardly know. I try to know, and sometimes it actually works out. But most of the time…fuck.

I have this theory: that being weird is normal, and being normal is weird. I try to keep it weird. And that goes into my stories. Making the weird normal, for the normal people.

I live in Boulder, Colorado. I came here for the mountains, and the terra cotta roofs of CU offered a good enough excuse to stay. I studied anthropology: the study of culture. That means you, me, Mesopotamia and everyone in between.